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Please note: This is an EARLY PREVIEW! We only have data for one community, Cimarron in Okotoks, and even that is largely fictitious.

Mobile browsers, which will form an integral part of our offering at launch, are not currently supported. On desktop systems we support Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11.

Dec. 18: Internet Explorer 11 is now supported.

Nov. 29: In this update you can page through the featured homes, show homes and quick posession homes in Cimarron (hint: go the the community and then click on Featured Homes to see the menu.) We have also added links to community websites, most homes' pages, many builders, and some home models. Click on the icons next to the community names, and the homes' titles, builders and images to go to their respective websites and pages. The home displayed on the right is represented by the red icon on the map.

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160 sq m (1720 sq ft) 3-bed, 2-bath
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Stevie Salesperson

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